Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lady in the Water

I would like to encourage you to see a film. I’ve heard a number of people pan Lady in the Water. The critics are WRONG. It’s a film about a bedtime story. But there are characters that are interesting and believable who reflect reality in the midst of fantasy. Cleveland Heep is the Superintendent for an apartment building. He lives in a cottage just to the side of the pool and courtyard. In the course of the film, he meets Story, the lady in the water.

The movie is about finding purpose. Story is a 'not human' lady from “the blue world” who live beneath the pool. She needs to return to her home, but she requires help. Cleveland is a man suffering in his own world. It is his nature to help people. He is a good and noble man. Through his efforts to help Story, he finds his way back to his own life and heart.

If you’ve ever been in the place of hurting so badly inside that you wish you could disappear. If you’ve ever earnestly prayed that Jesus would return to alleviate your strangled heart. If you’ve been lonely and yet worked at secluding yourself at the same time. If you’ve known that you had something to say that needed to be heard but couldn’t get a hearing. If you’ve ever felt abandoned by God and wondered if he cared about you anymore. I want to encourage you to believe that you have reason to hope.

The early disciples considered it an honor to be considered worthy of suffering. If you are a child of God, difficult times will come. It has always been thus. The struggles we face, whether on the inside or from without, always pass through God’s hands. All of the disciples faced difficult times and the dark clouds of the heart. Jesus himself felt abandoned in his darkest hour.

God is there. When Cleveland Heek intercedes for Story, (not praying to God, but interceding nonetheless,) he finds himself. Our struggles in life and disciplines, (not punishment,) from the Lord do not mean that we’ve lost favor, they are proof that he is with us and for us. They are the beckoning of his love, the force of his truth and the assurance of his presence. As David said, “Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you,” (Psalm 63:3). In the dark times, respond by serving others and genuinely express your soul’s love for God.

telemicus out

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