Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What Forever Is For

This past weekend I took my wife and my parents to see Michael Martin Murphey in concert. Many don’t remember him but he had a couple of number one songs in the 70s and 80s. These days he sings mostly songs about cowboys and the west. This concert was held in a little town called Linden in east Texas. The theater looked like an abandoned building on the outside. The parking lot was kind of like a pasture. But inside, everything was nice, clean and modern with a country feel. Very quaint. It seated about 400 so we were close and the sound was great.

As you know, if you know me at all, I am NOT a fan of country music. But I’m a fan of good music with a good message. Michael Martin Murphey has both. I’ve seen some good concerts in my life… Springsteen, Rich Mullins, Paul McCartney, John Denver, Journey and others. This one ranks among the best. After the show we stayed around for the fireworks show and got to meet “Murph”. His friends call him that.

One of Murphey’s hit songs is called “What’s Forever For.” The chorus of the song says,

“So what's the glory in living
Doesn't anybody ever stay together anymore
And if love never lasts forever
Tell me, what's forever for.”

Well on Tuesday, Rhonda and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary. It hasn’t been easy. But we haven’t had the hardest road either. We’ve had all the normal ups and downs. Had days we were more in love than is good and days we were willing to walk away and forget the whole thing. But I think what makes any marriage work is the work of love. It’s hard work! You’ve got to do things you’d rather not do, listen to things you don’t want to hear, go places you don’t wish to go, and say things you don’t want to say. For anyone to stay with another person for life, the work of love has to be done.

You might think that calling love - work takes the romance out of it… no way! It’s very romantic to fight through the struggles together and when the day is won, to look at your bride and know that the enemy of your life together has been vanquished yet again. There is no romance like victory romance. (wink wink). Love does last forever and in the final analysis, love is what forever is for.

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Mark Crain said...


Congrats to you and Rhonda on your anniversary! Our 26th comes August 1st. Love is worth the work! Not to get too preachy, but I'm reminded by your blog that Jesus demonstrated his own love toward us by paying the price for our salvation. He taught us by example how to have the best relationships! Having known some of each other's ups & downs over the years, you guys have come through it well. Thanks for your example! God has blessed you also w/ 3 great kids. Thanks also for your blogs of late...we old guys need to stick together! Mark Crain