Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Christians - The Real Mutants

Well this last was a big weekend. It involved a home project with Rhonda, a Desperados playoff game with The Boy, and the new movie, X-Men - The Last Stand with a couple of the kids. The home project, a deck addition, was completed. The Desperados destroyed the Georgia Force (more like a Georgia playground shovers). And the X-Men, well lets talk about we mutants for a minute.

After the movie we talked about how each mutant was “gifted” (or cursed,) with a different mutation. In The Last Stand, there is a boy who is a mutant and his mutation or “gift” is that he nullifies the mutation in any mutant that gets close to him.

If the mutations are a negative thing, then this boy represents the cure for being a mutant - thus the plot of the movie. Concerning this anti mutant boy, my daughter said, “He’s like Jesus.” Exactly. He takes the thing that separates us from wholeness and restores us. Well that set me to thinking even more.

What would your mutant name be? The big name Christians would get cool names I think. Max Lucado might be Scripto. Billy Graham could be Thunder. Brennan Manning would just be Deep. Me… well Id be called - mutant #5670496-2-498875.

In this world, we Christians are like mutants. We assemble; we are different in many ways. We are uniquely gifted and often misunderstood. Some are filled with “holy hatred” some are understanding and compassionate. Some love the non-mutants, others look down on them for being “lesser.” Some don’t want to be involved; others want to change the world. Some of us say stupid things before a national audience while others love and serve the non-mutants in the name of our Lord without notice.

The greatest command is to love the Lord. To share the Message is one expression of that love. Yeah, we’re a bit weird… the world probably sees us as mutants, “Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God” (John 1:12). Display to the world the peace of being in Christ. Live a life that is worthy of your calling. Serve others in the name of our Lord. Glory in the love of our Father and the Holiness that makes us all like Him.
Join me fellow mutants.

telemicus out


Screaming Flea said...

What would you call someone with the power to confuse people? Confucious, no that wouldn't work. Someone close to says I'm a Rabble-rouser; I get the rabble all stirred up. I looked it up in a thesaurus. I wasn't so much encouraged by my potential name:
fanatic, demagogue, agitator, politician(?????), but then... Revolutionary. Maybe...?

Anonymous said...

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