Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Invisible Touch

In 1986 the band called Genesis released an album called Invisible Touch. The title cut from the album is, on the surface about a girl. But it’s not a complimentary song. This girl is irresistible and then, destructive. Look at these lines.

She seems to have an invisible touch yeah
She reaches in, and grabs right hold of your heart
She seems to have an invisible touch yeah
It takes control and slowly tears you apart.

I think we’ve all known people with this personality type. These are nice people who, on the surface are endearing and charming, but the more you get to know them the more toxic you realize they are.

As I was doing some research last night I read a story written by Mother Teresa in a little book called, Loving Jesus. She is describing their work with people who have leprosy. When a mother who is leprous has a child, it is born clean and does not have the disease. If the child is not exposed by direct touch, then it will be safe from this horrible sickness. So they tell parents who are leprous that they must give up the child for their love of it.

Mother Teresa describes one scene this way. A mother and father who were both leprous had a baby boy. This happened when it was three days old just before it was taken from them.

“They put the baby between them, and each one looked at the little one. They extended their hands toward the child, and then they would pull back. They made gestures, wanting to kiss their child, and again they would pull back. I cannot forget the deep love that father and mother had for their little child.”

Jesus said, "But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing" (Matthew 6:3). Just as these parents had the love of an invisible touch, so our service should as well. Their love compelled them to not touch their own child. We can demonstrate love with the care of touch. But we should also understand that there are many in the world today who need to know the Love of Christ and it can only be expressed to them through an invisible touch. An invisible touch of service compelled by love.
Loving Jesus - Mother Teresa pg. 95

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