Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Gold Medal People

My family is enjoying the winter Olympics right now. We watch some of it each day I think. You wont believe this, (I wouldn’t believe it if you said it) but we even watched “curling” last Sunday. I accidentally cheered when the American rock slider guy made a great shot. I was slightly embarrassed.

I love when people demonstrate a noble heart. We were watching couples ice skating last week and a Chinese couple (Zhang Hao and Zhang Dan) was going through their routine when Zhang Hao suddenly dropped his partner while doing a high lift. She crashed to the ground and landed on her knees. She tried to get up but fell back to the ice. Zhang Hao tried to lift her but she couldn’t keep her feet. He helped Zhang Dan over to the side. The music stopped and she was about to leave the ice when something happened.

It was like she came to herself and said, “No way! I came here to compete and I will finish this.” Zhang Dan gathered herself and skated back to the center and they finished their routine. They did the lifts, jumps and footwork as planned. No more falls or stumbles. When it was over, she cried. But she finished out of sheer will. I was proud for her. They didn’t win the gold medal, even with the fall they won the silver. But Zhang Dan's heart deserved gold.

There are a lot of people in the world who are good people: Gold Medal people. Those who endure illness without complaining are of this heart. People who face chronic pain but bear it bravely are of this metal. Those who work hard at marriage when it is far from good, these are gold medal people. People who try and try and get slapped down by the cruelty of life only to get back up again and keep trying. These are the gold medal people.

No I’m not saying they’re always holy or righteous or saved. I’m simply saying that they display in their character that part of their soul that is still God imprinted. Any goodness demonstrated by a human is a reflection of God no matter the kind of person they are. There is no goodness in the world that is not God created. Even those who turn their backs on God are made in his image.

I know a few gold medal people. And may I say here that Jonathan and Carolyn Taylor (my mom and dad) are of this heart. They never made it to the Parent Olympics. Dad wouldn’t even try out. But they are godly upright people who do their best to love their kids and grandkids, serve their God, share with others and love each other in the process. So in case I never said it before, I think they deserve a gold medal for being of noble heart and teaching me to love that about others.

Michael Taylor


Brittany Seay said...

I was watching the olympics that night, and I thought the same thing. I was amazed by her ability to continue. ... But that is not why I am commenting.

I went out to eat last night with some amazing girls that happen to be my house-mates. We each attend different denominations and were discussing the different ways that we reach out to people, and how sick we are of the bang boom attention getter things. Then I started talking about one of my mentors that I miss a lot. He is one of the few that I remember that used the power of the Gospel to bring people to the church community, and what he did was so effective. God's power is overwhelming if we actually trust in it and use it for his kingdom. Michael, you definately used God's power to make a mark on my life and many others. Or I guess I should say you allow yourself to be a vessel for God, and what a great job God does through you. I love you a lot. Just thought I would remind you of that.

Terry Rush said...

Johh and Carolyn have my vote. The are Gold Medal people. A lot of us get to be winners because they entered the arena first.

For the two of them....I vote GOLD!
T. Rush