Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dont Back Down

Last week our whole family took a rare outing to a movie. We saw “Glory Road”. Yes, do go see it. I loved the movie, but I really loved coach Don Haskins. At one place in the movie he yells at his team, “We do not back down… Ever!” Oh man, do I love that. I love people who know what they believe and have set their hearts to it.

Luke 9:51 says, “As the time approached for him to be taken up to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem.” The King James says, “He set his face.” He knew that he had to go there. He knew what would happen there, and he went there anyway. His example to us is that of a noble heart that makes up the mind and compels the body to follow.

There are areas of life where God has clearly spoken. When that is the case, all who belong to Christ should make up their minds to stand with Him come what may. It may mean personal loss. If you make up your mind to follow God, you will not be liked by everyone. If you stand on the principles of God and His word and refuse to back down, you will be painted as stubborn, arrogant, opinionated and judgmental. Stand firm. Your conviction is yours. Do not require anyone to hold your convictions.

The cause of righteousness is not served by those who would capitulate and waver in order to give people comfort or “room to grow”. I’m reminded of the line by Tom Petty, “You can stand me up at the gates of hell but I won’t back down.” This is not a call to hard headedness. The servant of God should be strong, but gentle. We’ve all met hard headed Christians who were dead wrong. It isn’t necessary for godly people to be jerks.

The time will come when we need to take a stand. When it comes follow the example of our Master. First, know your destiny. Second, make up your mind. Finally, compel your flesh to walk out your conviction. And don’t back down…Ever!

Michael Taylor

Author's Note: Next week I will discuss the problem of being wrong when we take a stand and how to respond to that realization.


gibor_el said...

I think one of my problems is my perception of Christ. You keep using phrases like "ruthless trust" and "compel your flesh". These phrases when in the context of Christ provoke an image of a great leader (as they should). When I think of the word compel,I see the first scene of Patton in my mind. He is in front of the flag speaking/yelling to the troops and tells them that a good soldier doesn't die for his country but goes out and makes the other guy die for his. But the Christ I was taught about as a kid isn't like that. Instead I see Jesus McFly, " I am your density... I mean, your destiny." All my life I have struggled with the collision of these two (and other) images of Christ.

I can only think of a dozen or so times in my life where the rubber hit the road and I "set my face" on what had to be done for Christ. Part of me thinks that perhaps God has kept me from those situations, or that I am still young, but another part of me thinks that is just me buying the lie.

I think a new day needs to dawn in the days of Christ's servants. We need to teach the truth without fear and we need to... well, I don't know what all we need to do, but its time for me to start looking.

You hear that? It's the winds of change.

Bill Testa said...

Michael: Thank You and God Bless You

Jordan McCann said...

Michael, what will we do about you right wing christian conservatives with an internet connection? used to just be use left wing (socialism has a wing?), well sort of, hacker, tech nerd types... haha.. well meh, take it easy, dont say i didnt stop by your blog. and yes i read it. later man